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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


What a facinating hobby to be spying on yourself. Trying desprately to unlock the deep dark secrets of the subconscious and even the secrets the conscious mind likes to keep. Awareness in it's entirety. Every thought. Every feeling. I really don't know myself very well at all, but I plan to change that! I plan to not only know myself but also to be able to shed the skin of a life that has not served me thus far. I plan to reclaim life under the guides of operating from a higher understand. Enlightened. Love flowing freely and without predjudice. Enjoyment coming as it naturally should and life being as effortless as it was meant to be.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

It's hard to believe this year is coming to a close. So much has happened yet so little. Time goes by so fast and I can honestly say I did not appreciate each moment as I should have. It's hard to enjoy each precious moment of life when your mind wanders to past and future but seldom the present moment, which is were all that matters exists and where all the magic happens.
With 2012 right around the corner I feel I've been blessed with great friends and family as well as great information to make this upcoming year better than the year we are leaving behind. I can't believe I've neglected my blog since April but in a way it makes sense. My focuses, I think, have grown and matured and although I still love to write and still hold each entery in this blog dear to my heart, I feel that expressing my self to myself via th is blog is sort of moot.
In 2012 I will be a non smoking member of each individual moment. I will achieve what I know I am capable of in my endeavors pertaining to health, wealth and happiness. I will be guided by love alone. I will walk through the rest of this life knowing that I'm am good and that life (without perspective) is good. In my journey so far through this life I have made many mistake and each one was a blessing. I will see them, as well as future mistakes as just that, blessings. It is only through learning that we grow.
I will strive to drop my expectations and judgements and operate from a higher understanding that is within us all. Universal Love.
In 2012 I will be the person I always new I could be but was too afraid to try. I will feel good about each moment because I will be aware in each moment. I will see many positive changes in all areas of my life including my work, my child and my love and social life.
If today is the last day I walk upon this Earth as Miranda Gniot, I will make sure that this day I lived, laughed and loved to the limitless ability of my heart and soul.

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